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Thumbs up Re: dotProject TaskTracker V1.0

Hallo Frank,

I'm just installed TaskTracker-Widget - very nice tool for well organised people :-) - thank you.
And to my surprise: it worked well with https-connection: thanks again!

Only two suggestions:
- Why not use server-side database connection parameters, maybe by including ../dotproject/includes/config.php into your server-side PHP-Script? That way your users doesnt have to configure and to know some critical administration data ...

- For not so well organised people (like the Companies Boss for instance ;-) ): the possibility of doing the Working Hours entries "by hand" at a later time (similar to the "progress" value).

The second problem is a Killer criteria for the successful introduction of the tool in many environments I guess ... what do you think about the expenditure of time to make this feature work?

Best greeetings from Leipzig : Michael

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